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How To Enjoy Singles Cruises

Online dating services are all the rage these days, but many who are looking for the perfect soulmate may overlook singles cruises. Regardless, singles cruises are a great opportunity to have a 'captive audience' of hundreds, or thousands, of cruisemates who, like you, are ready to dive into the singles social scene onboard.


Many individuals hesitate to go on a singles cruise fearing a dull and lonely vacation. However, they may be ‘missing the boat‘ on the benefits of this type of vacation. With singles cruises, you can slow down and enjoy some peaceful solitude, or go full-steam ahead by diving into all the available activities, and meeting as many of your shipmates as possible.

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There are many people who prefer to sail alone (solo cruising, as opposed to a singles cruise), and enjoy the quiet reflection time as much as anyone else going with family or friends. But if your main motive for cruising alone is to make new acquaintances to mix and mingle with, here are some tips that you could follow to help you have a blast on that singles cruise.

Video: SinglesCruise.com has been organizing singles cruises since the early '90's.

Get active and participate!

For your singles cruise to be fun and exciting, you’ve got to leave your shyness at the dock. Participate in as many of the onboard activities as you can, and soon you’ll see yourself becoming one of the stars of the cruise trip. Not a great singer or dancer? Not to worry. The main point here is to participate and meet as many fellow passengers as you possibly can. In fact, you may find that honing your social skills with cruisemates you may never see again will also benefit you when around your normal crowd back home.

Request a Large Table at Dinner

It’s always a great idea to ask for a large table during dinner as you have higher chances of meeting people with similar interests. If you take a small table of three people, you may not really get along with the other two people seated with you.

Don’t Hesitate to Join Others

On a singles cruise you will always have trouble finding a free table. Instead of roaming around with your food tray, why not ask someone if you could join them? You might be welcomed or might not be, either way you have nothing to lose. All you need to do is ask your co-passengers if you could share the table with them; this also gives you a great opportunity to begin a conversation with new people you meet on your singles cruise.


Choosing the Ideal Cruise Line for a Singles Cruises

While many cruise lines offer various types of cruises for singles, there are pros and cons involved in traveling single with various lines. One of the largest concerns can be the so-called ‘solo supplement’ charge, if you plan on rooming alone. Cruise ticket prices are normally based on ‘double occupancy’ in the staterooms, meaning you can get the ticket for that price, as long as you’re sharing the room with someone else who’s also paying that price for their ticket. So if you insist on having the cabin alone, the only way the cruise line can make up the money lost from the ‘missing passenger’ is through the solo supplement charge. This fee can run anywhere from an extra 30 or 40 percent of the cost of you ticket, all the way up to doubling the cost of your ticket (in other words, you’re fully paying for that missing person). So, if you’re planning on rooming alone on a singles cruise, be sure to that the solo supplement charge is a factor when choosing your cruise line.

But if you don’t mind rooming with someone else of the same sex, there’s definitely no reason you can’t cruise cheap by skipping the solo supplement charge… many cruise lines will actually work to pair you with a roommate so you both can share the cost of the room. There are also third-party companies who arrange and host singles cruises, such as Vacations To Go (www.vacationstogo.com), who will work to find a roommate to share your cabin. In fact, Vacations To Go guarantees that if they can’t find you a roommate, they’ll pay the solo supplement for you!

The size of the cruise ship may be another factor to consider. There are those who say that larger cruise ships with many thousands of passengers aren’t personal enough to stay in contact with those you meet. On a very large ship, you may find that you almost never run into the people you make acquaintances with. A smaller cruise ship may make it easier for you to locate and catch up with the new friends you make while onboard.


Timing Your Singles Cruise

It can also be helpful to put some thought into the timing of your singles cruise. If you go for one of those popular summertime cruises, the chances are greater that your cruisemates will largely consist of families with children, since school is out. Plan your cruise during the spring, winter or fall, and you’ll likely find more of an adult mix among your fellow passengers. Cruises lasting a week or longer are better if you’re in the market for a new soulmate. Why? Even if you run into ‘Mr. Right’ on your cruise vacation, it’s hard to build a lasting relationship over the course of only 3 or 4 days together.

Meet Single Cruisers Online with Pre-Cruise Message Boards

Before you even step onboard your cruise ship, you could be getting familiar with your single cruisemates. Many cruise-related websites, including The Cruising Insider, offer pre-cruise message boards, or 'cruise roll calls.' Participating in an online roll call will help you get better acquainted with the people you are going to be traveling with.

Don’t Just Focus on the Singles 'Group'

While your cruise line might organize “singles meet and mingle” events, there’s no guarantee that you might meet other like-minded single people there. In fact, at times these events may be sparsely attended. One of the best ways to enjoy a singles cruise is to be open to all kinds of people on board the ship, and not just fellow 'singles cruise' passengers. You may run into a single who is not connected with the singles 'group' you're sailing with. You may meet a couple with whom you could enjoy a great conversation. Remember that on many so-called 'singles cruises,' a large portion of the passengers may not be connected with the singles group at all.

Hosted Singles Cruises

Hosted singles cruises are great because you've actually got a singles 'host' aboard the ship with you. These hosts are responsible for organizing meet-and-greet events specifically for your singles group. These singles-only events could include cocktail parties, games, or even group excursions at ports. Having these events pre-organized for you makes it easy to dive right into the singles social scene on your cruise.


Going For a Theme Cruise

A theme cruise could really help to turn your singles cruise into an enjoyable holiday. More and more cruise lines are organizing theme cruises, where you as a single passenger get to meet and mingle with people who share the same interests as you. Today's cruise industry offers a myriad of different theme cruises, catering to everyone from motorcycle riders, to faith-based theme cruises, and even cruises featuring major music artists such as Taylor Swift. Going single on a theme cruise means you're already among thousands of like-minded people... and that's a great thing when you're looking for a partner, because you already have something in common!

A singles cruise is not as intimidating as it may seem. There's a lot less pressure, because you're only responsible for you. There are many activities that are pre-arranged to help you dive right into the social life. You're onboard with scores of people who are there for the same reason you are. Maybe you'll meet your life partner, maybe not... but it won't be for lack of opportunity. In fact, a singles cruise will likely have you bonding with dozens of single cruisemates even before you lose sight of land.


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