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Cruise Dining Options

Whether you're into pizza or lobster, you won't go hungry on board, unless you want to. Here are a few cruise tips revealing the many dining options available on board.


cruise dining options


When it comes to food, believe us, there's no shortage of it on a cruise vacation. As a matter of fact, we often joke about trying to cut back on what we eat before we go on a cruise, so that we won't feel so bad when we gorge ourselves on the ship.

On a cruise, food is available in high quantities, with high quality, at numerous locations around the ship, and nearly all of it is free of charge. Some of it is even available 24 hours a day. The only thing you have to do is choose where, when, and how much.

For starters, a great place for breakfast and lunch is the ship's buffet-type, casual dining area. These are often located near the front of the ship, and are a fix-your-own, all-you-can-eat type setting. They are often surrounded by large windows, offering a glorious view while you're eating. If you want a low-key, casual dinner, these are open for that as well.

If you just want to grab some fast food for lunch, pizza and hamburgers are usually available. These are normally served at lunch stands located in different areas of the ship. This is great when you want to sit out in the open air, on deck near the pool, at one of the many tables available. These fast food stands are often open very late, or 24 hours a day, if you take a craving later.

Then there's formal dining...what an experience! If you don't think you'll like it, you will -- if you think you'll like it, you'll love it! Get ready to be pampered, fed well, and entertained every night. Bear in mind that formal dining means formal, so no shorts allowed. This is your chance to dress to the nines. Don't worry -- not every night requires a tuxedo, suit or fancy evening gown -- most nights, formal dining simply means 'smart casual' or something of that nature. Just leave the shorts in your cabin.

Didn't get enough dessert at dinner? Then stop by for ice cream or yogurt at one of the soft-serve machines available around the ship!

Of course, if you prefer the peace and quiet of your stateroom, room service is always available. Just remember that the crew depends heavily upon tips for their wages -- so tip your server.

You won't have to worry about missing a meal on these ships, whether morning, noon, or night. In fact, the only thing you'll have to worry about is hitting that diet plan hard when you get back home.

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