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Cruise Days At Sea

Don't consider days at sea to be downtime... there's more to do in the middle of nowhere than you think.


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Days at sea on a cruise vacation may seem like wasted time to the untrained eye. After all, you’re stuck on the ship with nowhere to go. But some veteran cruisers will tell you that sea days are actually their favorite. Why? Simple. It’s their time to unwind. It’s their day to do as little or as much as they want.

If you’d like some down time, this is the time. Sleep in, get comfortable in your stateroom and read a good book, or catch a first-run movie on TV. Want a little sun with that book? Carry it outside. Dozens of beach chairs are available by the pools or elsewhere. Be as lazy as you like.

Ready to get motivated? Then sea days are a great time to hit the workout area, basketball court, or running track. Then wind it all down by treating yourself with a trip to the spa or hot tub.

There will likely be at least a couple of swimming pools available. One is often in the middle of the ship, and often there is another one near the rear. The latter is often more-or-less reserved for adults, and is a quiet place to relax.

There are a number of other activities available on any given day at sea, to possibly include rock wall climbing, rollerblading, miniature golf, mini water-parks, and yes, even surfing…some ships have attractions specially designed to create that perfect wave!

Often, the formal dining nights are on sea days. This is good, because it gives you and your bunch ample time to get ready. On days at port, things can be much more rushed, and you wouldn’t have nearly the time to prepare.

On any given day, there are also numerous organized activities taking place in various areas of the ship. Consult your daily bulletin for tips on what's available.

Whatever your desire, days at sea can be exactly as you want. And you don’t even have to worry about sharks if you wipe out on that surfboard!

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