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Cruise Ship Video


Here is some of the best cruise ship video we've found on YouTube. Cruise ship video is a great way to get cruise tips, from your fellow cruisers' perspective, about what to expect onboard your ship. Don't forget that many modern digital photo cameras often have a 'video' feature that does a very decent job of capturing cruise ship video. Just watch out that you don't fill up your memory card -- most digital cameras with this feature will have a 'countdown' on the screen that shows how much time you have left on your memory card. Digital video cameras are another good option. Either one is great for uploading to the web. If you know of more cruise ship video that should be added, please drop us a line at support@thecruisinginsider.com . Enjoy!


An excellent video of Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas, by Kristen-Andre Olsen, of Norway.



From a voyage on Carnival's Liberty.




Footage from one of the world's largest cruise ships, Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas





Cruise Ship and Port Webcams!





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