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Cruise Reviews

We currently offer cruise reviews for Royal Caribbean and Carnival, two of the largest cruise lines in the world. As we receive cruise reviews from other cruise lines, we will begin to assemble pages for those get those cruise reviews in!

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Cruise Reviews offer insight into the details of a specific ship's operation. Because these cruise reviews are written by your traveling peers, they can offer a very useful, unbiased opinion. Take a quick preview of a few cruise reviews below, or get the full story by following the links above to read all available cruise reviews!

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Carnival Conquest

This cruise went out of Galveston, so we decided to go Saturday morning and spend the night. The whole family went on this cruise, my husband and I, with a daughter, 12, and son, 7.   We also had extended family going.  We had a party of 21, but we didn't meet up until later Saturday night.  We got up 5am and left at 6am on Saturday morning.  We were heading to Galveston, and my husband and son were excited when we passed by NASA,  just out of Houston, Saturday morning, so we did a u-turn and spent half of the day in NASA.  My daughter and I were not all that excited.  We got into Galveston around 3 and went straight to our motel.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Galveston.  Good motel, good price.  We went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner that night it--was delicious.  Can't wait to go again.

We were excited about going on this cruise, so we couldn't sleep and were awake by 5am.  We got up and ate breakfast at the motel.  We were heading for the cruise terminal at 10:30am.  We had some people in our party that wanted to leave their vehicles at the motel.  A service for free, but it takes longer and is a big hassle.  So we didn't get to go through check-in until 1pm because we had to wait for everyone to be dropped off and bring their vehicles back to the motel (NOT RECOMMENDED).  Parking is like 10 dollars a day.  Pay it--its easier. Soon as we got on the boat, we dropped our luggage off and... Read Full Story >


Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas

Our family consist of myself, 35, Staci 41, Caitlen 17, and Lexi 15. We live in <edited for privacy> not far from where I was born. Or hatched As a family I would like to think we are pretty unsophisticated . We don’t expect much nor do we like anyone to make much of a fuss over us. Our two teenage girls monsters like most girls are boy crazy. While this was a little bit of a problem on the cruise, I found that once you caught one of the little boys hormones with legs and duct taped him to the railing, the rest want nothing to do with your daughters. While planning the cruise I was worried that the girls would not have a good time. Both can be a bit shy and I was worried that they would not make friends. On day two I was wishing this was still the case when I saw the line of boys following them across the pool deck. They caught the scent.

Prior to the cruise we spent two nights at the Radisson Resort at the Port. I can’t say enough good things about this place. We were checked in by a 300 pound man with a German accent. I can’t remember his name now so I will call him Honz. In person I called him Sir Despite his Mariner-like size he was a nice young man. We were promptly and pleasantly checked in to our room. We had reserved a Jacuzzi suit with a view of the port. If you chose to stay here please keep in mind that this is Florida. The décor screams tropical. it also screams blind interior decorator Once in the room I quickly found all the important things to be in functioning order, those being the TV, bathroom and sleep number bed. Now this hole sleep number thing kinda confused me. I am from the country where we didn’t have all this fancy stuff. The last time I saw a bed that had buttons I was strapped to it. Needless to say I kept that little box under... Read Full Story >


Carnival Fantasy

We took this 4-day cruise to Cozumel, just hubby and I, so we started a little early.  After my husband got off work on Wednesday, he had a flight lesson already scheduled for 6pm, so we had to wait for his lesson to finish.  Then we headed south.  We live in central Louisiana, and we were going to spend the night at the Holiday Inn in Gonzales Louisiana.  We love Ralph and Kackoos Restaurant, but the night we were traveling the Sugar Bowl with LSU was in New Orleans, and can you believe that they were closed??  There was nothing open in Baton Rouge.  It was like a ghost town.  We knew that there was a restaurant in our motel in Gonzales, so we called ahead and they said they would be open until ten.  We made it!  It was Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant.  It was the best ever.  I recommend it to anyone travelling by.  The hotel was great, too.

The next morning we got up about 8, still full from the night before, so we left to get on the boat.  Arrived at the pier at 9:30.  We had not been here since Hurricane Katrina.  What a nice port.  You park in a big parking garage, and take the elevator to the 2nd floor, and you're at the check-in area.  So much nicer than Galveston.  They wouldn't start the check-in until 10:00am.  About a 10-minute wait.  We went straight through check-in and then they wouldn't let you... Read Full Story >


Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas

We live in central Louisiana, so we just had a short drive to New Orleans.  Got up at 5:00am and left at 6:00am.  We pulled up to the cruise parking at 9:45.  The little guy helped us with our luggage.  We carried a lot of our luggage on the ship ourselves.  We went straight through security and check-in, and we were on the boat at 10:30.  That was nice.  First, we dropped off our luggage in our rooms.  Then we went straight up to the Windjammer Cafe.  I bought the coke pass - my husband waited until the next day and decided he needed one.  Lunch was great!  When we checked in, they had given us a "Compass" of that day's events.  We noticed that you could talk to the Maitre d' at 1 pm to change dinner seating.  So after lunch, we went straight down to the dining room (on this trip, we were without the kids, and wanted a small table for two).  We were not the only one in line at  We ended up with an excellent table for two looking over the balcony in the middle.  After that, we started exploring the ship.  The ship was just so amazing to us.  The worst part of that day was the muster drill.  But it didn't take long.  Just be patient, and your cruise will start before you know it!

This was our 12th anniversary cruise, & my husband had a dozen roses, and a picture-and-frame gift waiting for me in our room. We had an inside room on the 8th deck.  We had plenty of room for the two of us, especially because we were not in our room very much.  We liked to sit out on the deck and watch the waves, and see what... Read Full Story >


Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas

This cruise was booked about a year in advance.  Our sail date was June 3, 2007.  We went to Cozumel, Roatan, Cozumel again (The seas were too rough to dock at Costa Maya) and Progreso. We booked 2 staterooms on the 8th deck.  Our rooms were beside each other, but they did not connect in the middle, so I stayed with my daughter and my husband roomed with my son.  Not that we don't trust our children (???), we just thought it would be the smart thing.  My mom and dad decided they would join us on this cruise.  This was their first.  They also had an inside room just one door down from us.

We left on a Saturday morning and headed to Texas City, where we had our hotel at Fairfield inn.  We dropped off our luggage and ate lunch at Ryan's next door.  We had tickets to the Astros game at 1:00 that afternoon.  After we ate lunch we headed to Houston to watch the game.  We had no trouble parking and had a great time at the game.  After the game, the men went back to the hotel and the women went shopping at the mall next to the hotel. Sunday morning we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel and headed out to the ship at about 9:30.  The ladies were dropped off at the cruise terminal and the men parked the car.  We went straight through checkin, and had to sit and wait for a... Read Full Story >


Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas

This was a long awaited cruise.  We sailed Feburary 3, 2008.  I had booked this cruise in May of 2006.  My family of four was in two promenade rooms that connected in the middle.  We only paid about $500 per person because we had booked so early. We went early to Galveston and stayed the weekend before the cruise.  We went to Moody Gardens and had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe -- a must for anyone going to Galveston! We woke up early Sunday morning and had breakfast at the hotel -- nothing special, just toast and juice, although they did have waffles. 

It was a little foggy so we were hoping that our ship came into port.  We couldn't see it from the hotel.  We put all of our luggage tags on before we left the hotel, and off we went at 9:30 am.  Johnnie dropped off my daughter and me, while he went to go park the car.  This took about an hour.  He was back to us at 10:45.  We made it through the checkin by 11:30.  But they wouldn't let anyone on the boat until 12pm, so we sat in the seat with our friends that went with us and waited.  The time went by fast, they had refreshments and drinks with restrooms.  We got on the ship at about 12:15.  It was so beautiful.  We couldn't go to our rooms until 1:00, so we found the first elevator  and went to the Windjammer and had our first lunch on the Voyager of the seas.  After lunch, we made it to our rooms which was also a nice surprise.  We had plenty of room of the four of us, with bay windows looking down into the promenade area.  The shower had regular shower doors.  Nice change from the cloth ones.  We did enjoy our rooms on this cruise.  Our kids also thought it was cool to have... Read Full Story >


Why read Cruise Reviews?

Everyone's opinion on anything is a little different. That having been said, there are lots of things we all agree that we enjoy: good service, good food, good accomodations, and good entertainment, for starters. Reading the Cruise Reviews made available by your fellow cruisers is a great way to get a thumbnail sketch of what to expect on a particular ship.

Cruise Reviews are sometimes also great sources of tips and information on Ports of Call, giving the cruising candidate pointers on which excursions are a must-see, or a must-avoid. Cruise reviews may offer tips about the hottest shopping spots at a given port. Also, you may find that cruise reviews include other information about a port, such as tips on good dining options. Aside from Cruise Reviews, when it comes to Ports of Call, you will often find Port Reviews being written totally about a single port.

Some cruise reviews will provide tips and information about the cruise terminal. These cruise reviews can provide helpful information by giving specifics such as whether the terminal parking is inside or near the terminal building, or if a shuttle service is provided. Also, cruise reviews will often contain tips about local lodging the cruiser used. Cruise reviews may also provide information about the ease of transfer between the airport and cruise terminal.

Also, you will find that Cruise Reviews often provide good tips and information about the service available on a particular ship. I've said it and heard it said before -- the over-the-top service that's provided on a cruise ship is one of the most enjoyable experiences aboard. Even if you've cruised with a particular cruise line before, you may find that the level of service you receive on one ship is not the same as on another, as cruise reviews may reveal. So if you're debating on changing ships and are concerned about service, then Cruise Reviews are a great place to get in the know about service on various ships.

Cruise Reviews can provide a peek into the level of quality afforded in staterooms and other areas of a ship. With some vessels in the cruise lines' fleet now many years old, quality of accomodations may be of interest to cruisers. While we've been lucky to have had either 'good' or 'great' accomodations on our voyages, some cruisers may have had different experiences. Cruise Reviews may provide tips about these potential issues.

Cruise reviews can give information about other amenities on a given ship. For example, some ships offer mini-golf, rollerblading, and even ice skating. Cruise reviews can provide specific tips about this and more.

Formal dining on cruise ships is an experience in itself, and Cruise Reviews can be a great way to get 'in the know' on the dining room operations of different ships. Cruise Reviews can provide insight and tips on the level of service afforded by waiters and other staff. Often there are presentations that take place on certain nights in the dining room, and Cruise Reviews can offer a look into the typical routine of a certain ship.

If nightly entertainment is your thing, then Cruise Reviews may help you figure out which ships have Broadway-class shows, as opposed to Las Vegas washups. Although we've always had enjoyable nightly entertainment onboard, certainly some voyages were better than others, if simply for the types of acts on a given ship. Cruise Reviews may provide tips that help you know what to expect when it comes to cruising nightlife.

Cruise reviews can also provide helpful tips and information as to the ease of debarkation a cruiser experienced on a particular trip.

In a nutshell, even though opinions vary from person to person, Cruise Reviews can be helpful in getting an idea of the general opinion of your fellow cruisers when it comes to specific ships or ports. When reading Cruise Reviews, you should never make a decision based on the tips and ideas presented in one review, because anyone can have one bad experience for various reasons. But Cruise Reviews can be a great item to have in your toolbox when making many decisions on where and how to take that next cruise. Just remember to return the favor to your fellow cruisers -- send us your tips and cruise reviews for posting when you return!


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