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Cruise Checkout

Debarkation is not as ugly as it sounds. Here are a few tips to get you on your way without any hitches.

cruise checkout


Time flies when you're having fun. Toward the end of your cruise, it'll seem like you just got on the ship. But now the time has come to pack it in so to speak, figuratively, and literally. So with that, here are a few tips to make checking out go a little more smoothly.

The night before you check out, you'll probably be asked to set your luggage outside your door for pickup. If your cruise line gives you new departure-type baggage tags, be sure to place them on every piece of luggage, and remove any old tags.

Of course, don't pack your medications, flight tickets, or passports/proof of citizenship. Carry those off yourself in a separate bag when you depart, along with any other items you'd rather keep close, such as purses/wallets, cameras or jewelry.

Remember to empty the safe in your stateroom and leave it open. Before you leave your stateroom for the final time, be sure to make a thorough sweep of the room for things you may have missed.

The morning you are to leave the ship, you will likely be asked to leave the stateroom and wait in a common public area, like a lounge, until it is your turn to depart the ship.

If you are energetic enough to carry all your luggage off the ship yourself, you may be able to skip the wait and check out much earlier. Check with your cruise line for availability.

Then, with your completed Customs Declaration Form, you are ready to walk down the ramp!

A note from the Authors: As our virtual "cruise" comes to an end, we hope that the cruise tips we've provided here will arm you with the info you need to thoroughly enjoy your vacation. The tips provided here were discovered through our own personal experiences. Feel free to contact us by e-mail, or in the message board, if you need tips on items not mentioned on these pages.

Also, before you go, make sure you've looked at our cruise shore excursions pages!


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